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Mohammed Nasser Khammas, the CEO of Al Ahli Holding Group in the year 2012, sought the importance of centralization and demanded that all IT-related operations, procurements, and projects to be handled by one IT division. This resulted in the creation of Rethink Technologies in mid of 2013 to serve as the AAHG Group’s technological and technical representation in the market. Rethink Technologies, RTT started with a focus in supporting only AAHG’s subsidiary companies, with a goal to gain all the required experience to compete in UAE’s market, and later in the region.


Mohammed Nasser Khammas

“Our aim is to provide integrated solutions based on the latest technologies in all fields we cover. With our strong profile of companies under AL AHLI group, our services and products are starting with the human interaction with services and products and to provide better experience for humans with technologies.

When we believe the technology is to provide a better 360 human experience, we carefully study the interaction between technologies and human and provide a better technology experience. We study both physical and digital interaction with technologies and provide best hybrid model between both.”

“Goals driven technologies for better human experience.”

Rethink Technologies CEO's Message

With technology driven era, we must keep our services and products with the latest technology’s changes. Rethink Technologies is serving over 35 companies under AL AHLI group, we centralize the IT services and technologies across the group. Our strategy is to act as saving center in our daily operation not as cost center. The technologies implantation must provide great ROI for short and long term for the group.

Technology implementation and adaption must be based on visions and goals. We build the RTT services and products with a solid, integrated and updatable IT architecture eco system based on the main goals for the group and executive’s vision.

We have over 10 divisions under one technology company with unique and rare profile to serve integrated technology for better human experience. We have certified engineers in all division we serve, we do cover the latest technology knowledge such as Blockchain, Fintech, AI & ML and others. We believe the main asset to build up to date technology company employee’s knowledge and experience.

We build strategic partnership, we do have direct partnership program with MIT for many products and services we provide. With ILP program, we do work with professors, experts inside MIT to provide the best possible up to date and even futuristic services and products. Our R&D division working in unique projects with focus to provide new IPs in the technology industry.

Assem Hijazi
CEO of Rethink Technologies

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