Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Human Centric

Building Human Centric service

Building human centric services and solution based on human centric experience.

Combined major human centric approaches

How to combine the main approaches human centered design , design thinking , human sensitive design and marketing 4.0 for building human centric services.


Building framework based on human centric focus and incorporate common approaches within the framework.

Research and Development

Research Data collection

Collect all data related to a specific topic by conducting a research following a list of specific areas and keywords.

Mind Mapping

Create a informative Map that includes the list of keywords, & initial research data.

Data analysis and Processing

Apply creative thinking, analysis and good judgement to propose innovative solutions to technical problems, which may involve a range of diverse approaches and resolving conflicting issues.

Assessment and Evaluation

Evaluate technology through activities in order to determine the suitability and effectiveness of the documented research.

Digital Strategy

Customer experience journey

How to building customer experience journey across the stages of customer engagement from reach to influence.

Customer segmentation and building UX

Building UX based on customer segmentation methodologies such as persona and primary market research methodologies.

Culture compatible UX

Building culture compatible UX for different segmentation of customers.

Customer journey experience and UX

Mixing between the customer experience between physical and digital interaction.

Building custom guidance and framework for UX

Building custom UX guidance and framework based on customer focus and segmentation.


Interface localization

Localize the interface from English/French to Arabic.

Building localization terms

Create a list translated terms dictionary for the software localization and incorporate it with the software development.

Building culture compatible software

Cover the aspect of building local flavor software and compatibility issues covering the geopolitical issues.

Software development for Arabic support

Develop and localize the software coding into Arabic support such as RTL, hijra date , reading order support and others.

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