Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing collaboration with The Audience

Market Research

Primary Research

Primary research (or field research) gathers original information directly for your purpose, Primary research includes: surveys, direct observations, interviews and focus groups.

Secondary Research

Secondary research (or desk research) gathers existing information through available sources. Secondary research examples include: information on the internet, existing market research results.

Data analysis and Processing

Apply creative thinking, analysis and good judgement to propose innovative solutions to technical problems, which may involve a range of diverse approaches and resolving conflicting issues.

Researching Tools

Facebook audience insights-SEMrush-Global web index-google analytics-Netbase-Julius -Demographics pro - Google AdWords- Google consumer barometer.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Newsletter Management Solutions

Develop customized platforms for email marketing campaigns management & optimization.

WIFI Based Marketing Solutions

Develop channel to communicate messages and promotions to Customers through WIFI to create multichannel experience for the shoppers.

Mobile attendance tracking system

Mobile based attendance management system including tracking system , fingerprint attendance , executive dashboard for monitoring.

Complete CMS digital marketing portal

Provide complete CMS system with leveling permission for data management including external stakeholders.

CRM integration

Full integration with open source CRM systems

Social media integration

Full integration with the social media channels.

SEO integration

Full integration and customized solution for SEO integration.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Social media marketing

Social media strategy
Social Media Community Management services include the creation of social media calendars, the posting of content on all relevant platforms and social media moderation
Paid social media advertising using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google and Snapchat to create targeted campaigns.
Social listening which allows you to understand conversations relating to your brand and identify both customer service and sales opportunities. Social media for generating new leads.

Google advertising

Creation of pay per click campaigns using Google display network, YouTube network and Google search network.

Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate marketing is the process by which a person promotes other people or company’s products and earns a profit for each sale they make.

Programmatic marketing

Programmatic marketing is a way to target what types of audience you wish show your advertising to. Which can encompass segments across demographics such as age, gender, social standing, to geographic in certain areas of the country.

Display Advertising

Digital display advertising refers to advertising that incorporates text, logos and pictures or images positioned on a website.

Media Division

Media Activities

Media Plan
Media Buying
SMS Marketing
Television Media Buying (TV)
Cinema Media Buying
Radio Media Buying
Newspapers & Magazines Media Buying

Branding and Identity Division


Brand Research & Strategy
Brand Identity & Naming
Logo Design
Brand collaterals
Company Profile

Website analysis

Monitoring website performance metrics as Page Load Time, Unique Visitor Traffic, Bounce Rate, Direct Traffic, Pages/Session, Average Session Duration using tools like google analytics and SEMrush Monitor the effectiveness of online marketing strategies, onsite content, user experience, and device functionality, once we identify any issues, we can create a solution.


SEO strategy (on-page SEO and off-page SEO)
Website and SEO Audits, Website structure
Website Backlink Building

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