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RTT will help you globalize and localize your application if you want to get your application to the Arabic market.

    • Product Localization Assessment

Inspect the product on the source code level, build test plan that includes test cases, automated and manual testing and provide a full report on the product from the globalization and localization point of view to be able to measure the needed work to globalize and/or localize your product.

    • Arabic Enabling

Globalization is the agreement process to guarantee that application design is going to support different languages and cultures. Globalization adds support for input, display, printing, storage and output of a defined set of language scripts. Our primary focus is Arabic, but other Globalization options are available.

    • Resource Localization

Localization is the process of adapting an Arabic enabled and globalized application, which you have already achieved in the enabling process.

      • Your application contents are localizable (stored in standard resources format).
      • Provide Arabic localized resources for these contents.
      • Define a strategy to switch between different supported cultures.
    • Manual Localization

Once your application is globalized and localized, the final step of transposing the user interface to right to left layout (not all applications support this feature).
We will make sure that your application is displayed as the Arabic user expects; without a glitch. The user will feel it is built just for him/her and not something that was forced to support the Arabic language.

    • Support for Arabic UI

If your products needs a localized user manual to be able to sell in the local market, we will help you redesign the manual layout and translate the manual’s text to Arabic with a very minimal effort from your side.

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