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Rethink Technologies can provide Engineering and designing consultancies in Home Automation solutions for Home, Hotel, Office, and Yachting such as: Lighting Control Automation, Home Cinema, Sound system, Audio/Video, Air Conditioning control, Curtains / Blinds, Networks solutions, Alarm System, and CCTV cameras.

Our Solutions: Lutron – Control4 – Crestron- JUNG – AMX – Sevent – KNX System – HDL – ABB – MOBOTIX – ABUS – DAITEM.

With the rapid evolution of technology, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the possibilities. To avoid feature overload, homeowners should think about what they want out of their system and how those features will fit into their home, budget and lifestyle.

After deep and technical studies, RTT team will be successfully able to create the must-have list of components, therefore a homeowner will be able to clearly communicate the vision of a smart home to a professional who can implement it easily. The idea behind home automation is to make life simpler, but when a homeowner chooses an inexperienced provider or products that won’t work correctly, they can make their life more complicated. Homeowners need companies that can give them technical support whenever they need it.

At the end some of imagination, lots of planning, and more or less solid support from a skilled provider: Homeowners can truly create a smart home that will give them what they deserve: A secure lifestyle with ultimate and convenient control.

  1. Smart Control System
  2. Smart Control Home Theater
  3. Energy & Smoke Efficiency
  4. Smart Control Music System
  5. Sprinkler Water Smart System

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