Smart Solutions & Automation

Smart Solutions & Automation

Smart City

Building secured infrastructure for smart city

Building secured private infrastructure physical layer for smart city mapping and consultation services.

Building private data center for smart city

Building private cloud data center for smart city.

Building integrated big data analytics

Building integrated big data center for IOT and different data types for smart city.

Building control room for smart city

Building executive control room with metrics and KPIs dashboard for different type of audiences.

Smart Government

Building smart government center of excellences

Building smart government center of excellences.

Build smart government best practicing research center

Building best practicing research center.

System integration with smart city

Building integrated data systems between smart government and smart city

Smart Home Division

Smart Light Control

Simple solutions for switching and dimming.

Smart Control A/C and temperature

Simple solutions for the control of temperature and room climate.

Smart Control Blinds and shutter

Solutions for the shading operation.

Smart Control Music system (Outdoor, Indoor)

Smart Radio with touch display.

Solutions for door communication

Intercom systems for houses and apartment buildings.

Smart Control Home theater (Home Cinema)

Home automation synchronizes home entertainment components such as Apple TV, Satellite System, DVD, Blue - Ray Players, PS4, Xbox, etc.

Security System

Solutions for more security CCTV and Alarm technology.

Smoke detector System

The smoke detector is a life-saver offering specific features that provide additional security and comfort.

Connection systems

Perfect connections for multimedia components, network technology, and more.

Smart City Division

Smart Infrastructure

Water-recycling systems, Wasting recycling and sustainability infrastructure.

Smart Parking

Smart parking payment systems, A city guide app., Widespread use of traffic rerouting apps.

Smart Signage

OLED lights and surveillance in high-crime zones, Smart digital signage, Smart dynamic display real-time.

Smart Saving Energy

Sustainable and energy efficient, Usage of green energy, Roofs covered with solar panels or gardens.

Smart Security System

Monitoring and control the CCTV, Smart dashboard, OLED lights and surveillance in high-crime zones.

Full Solution Related IOT

Provide a full architect of points of networks and separated to 2 sides for Public plus the future business.

Data Center Operation

Provide a full layout design for the data center as it will be the main control command for IT link.

Smart Sensors

Look for the options on the market and evaluate, Provide smart sensor for each shop, Monitor.

Smart Meter

provide each shop a smart meter as option to count the power consumption.

Parking System Solution

Full design of the parking system technology indoor and outdoor, Car finder based on camera detection.

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