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The Audience has built a proprietary toolkit of software that interacts with social media platforms across the spectrum. The platform is capable of collecting, analyzing, and storing hundreds of millions of data points, metrics and KPI’s across the entire social media landscape.

This platform is now in the capable hands of RTT and AAHG, and our vision for the toolkit goes far beyond its current application and use.

The software development and analytics teams are leading experts in the social media data analytics field, both from a software development and analytical perspective.

As the leaders in our industry, RTT’s vision for the application of this toolkit has been placed in our hands. The development effort is underway currently to bring a new more adaptable framework and toolset to the global family at large. We are currently creating a “one click” regional deployment system so service the regional needs of the global family.

We’re also building the framework to begin in earnest a truly powerful data collection apparatus in the social media marketplace that will be the delivery method for the future vision of Mohammed Khammas, the CEO of Al Ahli Holding Group.

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